During my career I have planned, structured, created and drafted thousands of business agreements. For many years I have been interested in how the pieces of a puzzle fit together, whether it’s my childhood toy of cogs and wheels or a business licensing agreement. From these thousands of agreements I have learned two important principles and one corollary.

Principle 1: Business is about relationships.

Business is about people working together to achieve individual and/or mutual goals and when one person interacts with another, a relationship is created.

Principle 2: Successful business relationships are grounded in effective contracts.

Whether it is based on a handshake or an officially executed document, the contract establishes the obligatory nature of the business relationship.

Corollary: A contract is effective when it reduces the amount of uncertainty in how the future business relationship will function.

The best business agreements create clear, concise and durable obligatory relationships and are so well-crafted they are still applicable and relevant throughout the entire lifecycle of the
business relationship.

Client Testimonial

Larry Eisner worked closely with Avecto for several years, helping with all legal matters including sales agreements, terms and conditions for software end-user licensing agreements, and even HR issues. Larry was particularly valuable to Avecto in negotiating channel partner, distributor, and reseller agreements with significant national and multi-national customers. … Without his help, it’s likely we would have exposed ourselves unnecessarily. Larry required very little to no time to get up to speed on contracts and our general situation. His experience and knowledge was always spot on and his calm demeanour worked really well when dealing with our customers’ legal team. I would definitely recommend Larry’s services to other business owners who need expert legal guidance from an attorney who works in their best interests.

Paul Kenyon, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Avecto