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AppSense is a leading provider of user virtualization technology to enterprise organizations. Based in the UK, AppSense made significant investments in the US operation during fiscal 2008-09. However, as we didn’t have internal legal counsel at that time, we needed to identify legal counsel in the U.S. with commercial law and contract experience. Attorney Eisner was recommended by a colleague, and it was a perfect match. Larry worked as our external legal counsel for 18 months, negotiating on our behalf and developing new contracts with our U.S. customers. Larry always acted with our best interests in mind, developing concise contracts that worked to our advantage. Besides being an expert in contract law, Larry is responsive, professional, and courteous. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to a company that is currently too small for in-house counsel, but needs expert legal services in order to grow.

—Neil Myers
Finance Director
AppSense, UK


As the CFO for a fast growing software company servicing Fortune 500 customers, I needed a point person who could respond promptly and cost-effectively to our sales team during the negotiation of legal terms in our sales contracts. But we were not at the point where we needed this person on staff full-time. Attorney Eisner became that resource as a third-party contractor. Larry learned our business quickly and worked with our sales team to draft and negotiate reasonable contracts without slowing down the deal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Larry's services to other business owners/managers.

—David Toole, former CFO
Tangoe, Inc.,
Orange, CT

Contracts and Agreements For The Real World

Sometimes being a third wheel is a good thing—it’s the one that makes things turn more smoothly, more effectively, more predictably.

Like the cogs on that third wheel, Attorney Lawrence Eisner connects the hopes, dreams and wishes of clients who want to turn their ideas into business realities.

Attorney Eisner has the experience to see how the wheels of clients’ ideas can connect with the cogs of their business associates’ needs to create a complete picture.

Attorney Eisner structures contracts and agreements for business and commercial transactions that turn smoothly, effectively and predictably.

Attorney Eisner’s practice includes:

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Whether the client is a small closely held business or a large diverse corporation, Attorney Eisner constructs and negotiates business agreements that are clear, concise, and durable.

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